WaterBiz aims to provide focused and essential business information to global water utilities managers.
WaterBiz is a globally circulated magazine that provides a complete coverage of the water resource management and water resource maintenance.
WaterBiz stands as the international stage for global news, professional articles, analysis, financial and economic information and stories of the hottest issues of the water sector
This information will help water utilities managers to control and implement their businesses in a successful and productive manner.
WaterBiz is written and designed in a way that busy executives can read its content in a short time and acquire the financial and economic information which is necessary for successful management.
WaterBiz is distributed to thousands of subscribers worldwide: corporations, governments, municipalities, companies, distributors and agents in the water resource management and maintenance 
WaterBiz is also distributed at the most professional and important exhibitions of the water sector worldwide
This large distribution assures that WaterBiz will reach executives who deal with water business and deliver the most essential information that is vital to the water resources industry.